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About Keno

Keno is a village about 12 miles west of Klamath Falls at the edge of the Cascade Range.  Along with lots of trees, its major feature is the Klamath River which flows through the community.  It is along a natural transit route with the historical Applegate Trail located in the vicinity.  Historically, Keno was a logging community.  Now it is home to many families who love their setting.



Property Videos by Eagle Public Systems

Stunning Home/Beautiful Views:  On behalf of Rookstool Moden LCC, Keno, Eagle Public has prepared a video for 5707 Hart in Klamath Falls.  This property is beautifully developed and has an excellent view of the Klamath Basin.  It can be a residence with a little effort can be a horse property.  The video is

Mountain/Lake:  On behalf of Rookstool Moden, LCC, Keno, Eagle Public has produced a video for 28414 Chin Tolk Street in Rocky Point.  This beautiful property among the pines is across from Lake Klamath.  The unit is beautiful and the setting fantastic.  Please take a look - it will inspire you:

Beautifully Developed Horse Training/Boarding Facility:  You have always wanted to be in the horse training/boarding business.  The property at 20596 Keno Worden Road will thrill you with its possibilities.  View the video to see the possibilities:  

Agriculturally zoned site that you must look at - great history as Town of Worden -

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